Thursday, May 17, 2012

New CCW Gear!!

Clothing and other products for the normal CCW holder is becoming more and more popular, and more and more companies are offering products to help the CCW holder blend in to the crowd.  Here are some new products from a couple of different companies.

The company that seems to have made the biggest commitment to the CCW market is Scottevest.  They are very *wink wink, nudge nudge* about it, but they have created a line of clothing that is devoted to multiple concealed pockets.  Their marketing is focused on travel and technology.  Hide your iPad.  We have pockets for your sunglasses.  Our vests are like a second carry on luggage bag!  Look at our jacket with 20 pockets.  ETC.  However, they have embraced the fact that the CCW community loves their stuff for hiding handguns, and magazines.  They have a page devoted to the tactical user, and their pockets are designed to carry heavy loads, such as a full size steel frame pistol...
I have to admit that they have some very cool jackets and pants.  Lots of pockets and lots of good reviews from top gun magazines.  Be sure to check them out!
I really like their lightweight vests.  I think they were specifically designed to mess with flight attendants.  Smartphone pockets and hidden earphone channels make it very difficult to see if your electronic device is in the full OFF position for take off and landing.  Not that anybody cares...

I like using an off body CCW method.  My man bag is outstanding.  Sometimes you need more space, when you want to carry your laptop for instance.  It would look silly to have a laptop bag, and a man purse...  So you try to find a place for your gun to go in to the laptop bag.  Kind of a tough fit, because you want your pistol to be in a secure spot so that it can be drawn easily.  If the bag's pockets are too large the pistol flops around and you have no idea where the grip is when it comes time to draw.

I don't like using a laptop bag anyway, they are bulky and the sling system sucks.  Only when I am wearing my suit do I use a laptop bag.  I much prefer to carry my laptop in a backpack.  This presents a whole new set of problems when carrying a weapon in your pack.  Your pockets are exposed to anyone behind you, and anyone with a light touch can open your bag up and take what ever they want.
When it comes time to draw your gun, you have to take the pack off, open the pocket then draw.  A lot of movement and trouble.

Our buddies at 5.11 Tactical have come up with a solution to all of the backpack questions.  AND they did it in such a way so that you don't look like you have a military style bag on your back that looks so very out of place in an urban environment.

The new COVRT series backpacks have been specifically engineered to solve all of the problems of carrying a weapon in a back pack.  On top of that, 5.11 did a little video explaining all of the features of their product.  If you ask me, ALL backpack manufactures need to be doing this.  I have straps and snaps on my bags that seem to be there just to be there.  A video explaining the features would be VERY helpful.  Anyway, check out the new COVRT stuff!!

Woolrich has been selling men's clothing for nearly 100 years.  They recently came out with the 44919 Elite Concealed Carry Chinos.  A pant that has a special pocket for your pistol.  The waist band of the pant also has special elastic parts so that it will form fit around a gun concealed with an Inside the Waistband holster.  A good idea!

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