Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding a New City - New Haven, CT

Just flew out of New Haven, CT to visit Yale University. After the visit, I am starting to see how the socialist mindset is formed and reinforced. You see the socialist believes himself to be better than his fellows, therefore needs to create a state controlled economy and make all of the decisions for the lesser classes. This is because he sees the lesser classes as being completely unable to take care of themselves. After seeing New Haven, it is VERY difficult to come away without this mind set. It is a city of STRIKING haves and have nots. Perhaps I have seen this type of disparity in Mexico City, or some other third world shithole, but I never thought to see it in the United States.

There are two New Havens, one is dirt poor, pan handling, and completely reliant on the Government. The other is fabulously wealthy, where $80K a year tuition bills and $100K cars are common place. The two New Havens butt up against one another, one with their hand out, and the other turning up their nose at all those around them.

Yale is a very pretty campus, however many of the older buildings are falling in to disrepair. I expected the grounds to be better kept than they were, the grass was not very well taken care of. Downtown New Haven, next to Yale, is quite nice. Many good places to eat, nice bars, friendly staff.
The rest of New Haven is a complete shithole. Rundown, smelly, and violent. It is interesting to note that for weekend entertainment, the wealthy do not stay in New Haven, instead they go to New York a 90 minute train ride away.

Sailing is a very popular hobby, along with golf. There are many exclusive super duper nice courses around. I very much doubt I could afford the initiation fee, let alone the monthly expenses... Assuming I would even be accepted by the membership. BUT the Country Club lifestyle is very much a part of the New Haven culture. It is likely that we would have to join one or another simply to be accepted in to the circle of people that my wife would be working with.

Aviation was non existent with only one airport in the area, and not a lot of general aviation flying out of that. Kind of depressing.
I did find a place to train, and they were very nice, BUT I didn't actually get to go to a class. Work and other things got in the way. I did talk to them on the phone several times, and I was impressed with the way they conducted themselves there.

Work is very hard to come by in the New Haven area. Most people take the 90 minute train it to New York, or drive somewhere else at least 40 minutes away to work. I was surprised at the lack of business in New Haven. It seems to be simply a sleeper community for New York. That was the impression I got anyway.

Gun laws are restrictive and CT is a "May Issue" state, requiring a CCW applicant to go to their local police department to apply for a permit. You must get a local permit before you can get a state permit. Depending on how your locals feel about CCW, it could be impossible to very easy to get your actual license. New Haven, wanting to have only its criminals armed, is one of those local places where it is next to impossible to get a CCW permit issued.

All in all, I never want to come back to New Haven again... It is at the very bottom of my list.

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