Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Candidates - Their Ideology

The images are taken from the excellent site is an independent website that details politician's views based off of their public statements, and their voting record. They even point out when they contradict themselves, or when they change positions.

The ideology is taken, in essence, from the World's Smallest Political Quiz.
Take it yourself and see where you are.
First and foremost, the quiz labels me as a "Hard Core Libertarian." Just so you know where I stand.


Hilliary Clinton

Hard Core Liberal

John Edwards

Populist Leaning Liberal

Barack Obama

Hard Core Liberal


Rudy Giuliani

Libertarian Conservative

Mike Huckabee

Hard Core Conservative

John McCain

Populist Leaning Conservative

Mitt Romney

Populist Leaning Conservative

Fred Thompson

Hard Core Conservative

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