Friday, February 18, 2011

Cars Worth Buying

I will not be buying a car for several years. Mainly because my cars are paid off and I want to save some money... That and there are not a whole lot of cars out there today that are worth buying. I really really REALLY don't want any part of an American car company right now. They all took untold amounts of money from the tax payer, in one form or another (loans or outright buyouts). Not only that, but all American car companies are staffed by members of the United Auto Workers Union. I do not with to support an entity that is grievously outdated and responsible for much of the loss of manufacturing jobs to other countries. It wouldn't be so bad if the union would work with the management of the company to foster innovation, as well as make concessions when times are tough (see German Unions), but the UAW actively works to kill innovation, and, in the case of General Motors, caused the company's demise.

So, you will not see one car from an American company on my list. However, most of the cars appearing on the list are made in the good old USA. By non-union workers. So... Fuck you Detroit!!

My requirements... Manual transmission. Over 200 HP. That is it. I like "fun" cars, but there has to be a degree of practicality in them. I have to think of the car's primary mission, getting my fat ass to work and back, so I don't want something that only gets 10 MPG. Yet I don't want it to bore me to death.
I want a moon roof. I had one on a Celica that I owned a long time ago, and I have always missed it.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

305 HP 2.5-liter turbocharged SUBARU BOXER 4-cylinder
17/23 MPG

A take off of their Rally Sport car the Impreza WRX STI is something special. All wheel drive, 6 speed manual... Everything a boy wants.

Volvo C30 R-Design

227 HP 2.5-liter turbocharged Five-cylinder Engine
21/30 MPG
Better gas mileage, but not as many ponies the Volvo C30 is a unique design. The wife hates it... Says it has an ugly ass. I wouldn't say ugly, just interesting.

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Daniel said...

The Volvo is made for girls, it's too cute for you and plows (understeers) heavily in the corners. Trust me, I drive one as a loaner all the time. No offense to Kevin, but the WRX is THE car you want at the track, but not the one you want anywhere else.
Take a look at the Mazda 3 coupe, it's underpowered, but a nice ride.
And be sure to check out the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Fully redesigned, strong V6, manual transmission, fantastic warranty, under $30K, over 20mpg, RWD, and KOREAN! :)