Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CNN Republican Debate

Last night CNN decided who they think should win the Republican nomination, and pretty much ignored the rest. Most of the questions were shot at Mit Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Michelle Bachmann, with Herman Cain and Ron Paul virtually ignored.

A lot of what is going on is that the producers at CNN, and the rest of the media, wish to marginalize the Libertarian candidates. These candidates are seen as kooks of the fringe right, and therefore should be excluded from any of the "serious" questions. And so Romney was asked about ObamaCare, and Herman Cain was, again asked about why he would not allow a Muslim on to his Cabinet. This is, of course, an attempt to paint Herman Cain as a bigot by using a misquote taken during an earlier interview. Mr. Cain was saying that he would not allow a Muslim committed to Sheria law on his cabinet, just as he would not allow a Communist, or a Catholic who's first commitment was to the Pope on his cabinet. BUT, it is always quoted as Herman Cain would not allow a Muslim on his cabinet.

The sky is falling. We have spent, and more importantly, printed money to the point of fiscal exhaustion. The country is bankrupt, and the only way out of the mess is through self reliance. Not the collective self, the individual self. The 70 or so year experiment in American collectivism is a dismal failure, and it is high time we return to the freedom that our founding documents guarantee. Herman Cain or Ron Paul will be a good first step in leading us back to freedom. But, there were stuck in the back of the bus answering silly questions such as Deep Dish or Thin Crust. Why was he not asked about the FairTax? Why not ask about his plan to stimulate the economy? By the way, his plan to stimulate the economy is to offer a tax amnesty on funds held in overseas accounts. This is an estimated $13 to $17 TRILLION dollars. An amnesty is thought to bring about half that back to the U.S. How about a $6.5 trillion dollar injection in to the economy with the Government not having to break a sweat? That is 6 times the amount of the laughable trillion dollar Obama shovel money to government project stimulus that aided in the bankrupting of the country without adding any long term jobs. Kick in the FairTax and a good 90% of that money comes home.

These kinds of ideas are unthinkable to the liberal mind. Letting people keep their money without getting to redistribute that wealth is a concept that is akin to lining up school children and shooting them. Unthinkable. Therefore these kinds of ideas are destroyed as tax cuts for the rich, and telling people that it will "cost" the Government X about of dollars to do.

So, the more acceptable candidates are paraded out. Those that are easy to destroy (Bachmann, Gingrich) and those that will work with liberal side of the field (Romney). Those that will stand up and fight, those that can not be easily destroyed in their personal lives (Cain, Paul) are made to seem as morons, and bigots.

Way to go CNN!

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