Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Is Ground Skill So Important for Women?

I love these old school videos. This is a NHB fight that took place in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym. The back story is that the guy is a Muay Thai fighter who took the school up on their open challenge. The head of the school said fine, you fight her. Apparently, she is a white belt with about a year's worth of experience.

First things first, the guy completely underestimated her. You can see in the opening seconds that he simply stands there and takes her best shot. He returns with some kicks that nearly knock her off of her feet. This is typical of Man on Woman fights. The man will simply over power the woman. The she gets the take down, and something miraculous happens.

She was getting owned in the stand up game, on the ground she quickly passes the non existent guard, mounts, and starts to mess homeboy up. When the dude is able to reverse position she immediately locks on a triangle choke. Just before the dude is about to go to sleep he power slams his way to an escape. All she had to do at that point was to grab a leg, but she lets him go.

Buster Brown stands there looking nearly dead, and very out of breath. He is also bleeding from his nose and cuts to his melon. Unable to defend, she takes him down, passes, mounts, and easily slaps on the armbar. He taps.

Ground skill is the ONLY way a woman is beating a man in a fight. He is simply too strong. This video shows in graphic detail how a smaller woman can defeat a much larger, and even trained, man in a fight. She had the skills to win. He did not.

Get your womans to the BJJ gym!!! Learn them how to defend themselves!!!

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