Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I Want

After watching some of the protests and realizing that it is close to Christmas, I have some things that I want. These are some realistic things, and nothing stupid and unobtainable like a Cirrus SR 22, or a Cessna Corvalis TTX.


Beretta P4X Storm

These are just cool. Rotating barrel gives the .45 ACP pistol the same recoil and muzzle flip of a 9mm. Easier to keep on target after the single shot and makes close grouped accelerated pairs with a .45 ACP an attainable goal for the occasional shooter. At $640 it is a little pricy, but a fun shooting gun to have.

Springfield M1A1

This is the civilian version of the best battle rifle the United States of America ever produced, the M-14. It is the last rifle that was made when people knew what to expect when they pulled the trigger on a rifle. It was also the last rifle that was made when extreme accuracy, not how much ammo you could carry, was the cornerstone of a rifle.
This rifle is in .308, and has a fiberglass stock. I like the fiberglass rather than wood, because wood can rot, fiberglass can not. I like the .308 because I can shoot 7.62 NATO rounds through it (a rifle chambered for .308 is designed to take higher pressures than one chambered for the military 7.62 NATO round, so you can shoot both rounds through the .308 rifle, but only 7.62 rounds through a rifle designed for 7.62 rounds.)
I like this kind of rifle because it is good for everything. You can realistically hunt with it (you will NOT be hunting with anything that is in a 5.56, you can't put it down in one shot, the 5.56 was designed to be super duper light so that solders could take more ammo in to battle, where the primary goal is to wound, not kill your enemy), because the round is big enough, and accurate enough to take down anything that you hunt for food, i.e. deer. It is a semi-automatic rifle so it can be used in a self defense situation if things go bat shit crazy where you live i.e. New Orleans after Katrina, Los Angles after the riots, etc. It has a decent rate of fire, a good sized magazine, and packs enough punch to dissuade anyone from coming too close.
At $1,300 it is a bit of a pricey toy. I have real trouble trying to explain to the wife why I need a rifle for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Doctors have no imagination.


War Black and White Gi

War is a Brazilian Gi company. They are the first of the "second" generation Gi companies. Second generation, because they were founded by guys who trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and designed their Gis specifically for their sport, rather than recycling the same gis that were used for Judo and Karate. They also have the unique practice of preshrinking all of their cotton pieces. This means that you don't have to buy one size up when ordering the gi to compensate for shrinkage after washing. On top of all of this they make a very good gi... and the black and white makes it look very bad ass.
This gi is a bit expensive, at $155.

Maui Jim Big Beach Sunglasses

Maui Jim makes the best sunglasses in the entire world. Polarized and optically perfect, wearing a pair of Maui Jims is like getting an eye massage the entire time. New frames at Maui Jim are made of titanium and are super light weight. You can tie the frames virtually in knots, and it will snap back in to proper shape. They are simply kick ass!!
At $300 you might think that they are a very expensive pair of sunglasses. You are wrong. There are few things in this world that are worth more than what you pay for them. Maui Jim sunglasses are just such a product.


Microsoft X-Box 360
Seriously, I want to play Halo and Gears of War... I don't have one and for $200 I can get an older model with less disk space. Couple that with my computer running Media Center and I have DVR.

Asus Zenbook

Finally, an Intel box that can match up with the iMac Air in terms of size. In terms of hardware, the Zenbook blows it away. I don't think that this would be a very smart investment, however, because with the release of Windows 8 in the next year or so, most portable notebooks like the Zenbook will be going to more of a tablet form factor. There will always be a need for computers with physical keyboards, but my guess is that, that particular need will be fuffiled with a keyboard attachment on to the tablet.
This guy comes in at about $1,350 for the 13" screen i7, 12GB RAM loaded version.

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