Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's About the Calories!!!!

With all of the crap I put up on this blog, including a guy high fiving a bobcat with the words "Fu@ck Yeah!!" underneath, members of the clergy in various... comprising positions, and other off the wall stuff, the controversial thing is that weight loss is about calories, not about some sort of shake, carbs, or other off the wall diet fad. So, just for fun I am putting up yet another story confirming the SCIENCE about weight loss.
But but but but my weight loss fad has testimonials of people who lost weight and look awesome. I have seen the before and after pictures!!! Great. Good for them. Do you know how the people who lost weight lost that weight? It wasn't because of the shake, bar, or whatever. It was because they burned more calories than they took in. I could put you on the fried cotton candy and beer diet and you would loose weight, as long as the calories you took in were fewer than the calories you burned. But just for fun, a video that has been on the news demonstrates how easily you can do the before and after pictures:

Amazing right?

There is no magic pill. There is no plan to make your life easier. Your body likes to be lazy. Your body will resist any attempt you make to change, unless it is to be more lazy. Your body is programmed to like fatty, sugary, and salty foods. That is what used to keep us alive back in the day. So, if you feed your body something that is not fatty, sugary, and salty, your body will say YUCK! It is up to you to control your body, not the other way around. You are not an animal. Your base instincts do not define or control you. Your conscious mind does. Set your mind to it, and you can force your body to change. You do the extra 10 push ups, you body hates you, but will eventually grow stronger so that those extra 10 go back to being "lazy." Your body likes lazy.

After a bit of pain and discomfort, you will get used to taking in fewer calories, and, like an airplane's speed will be dictated by lift, thrust, and pitch, your body will drop, or gain, weight in order to get back to being lazy.

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