Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Day Another Socalist Program

I know I am bashing Hillary in many posts, but come on!! The woman will not stop with the programs...

Here is the latest, she proposes that the Government set up a 401(k) for every person in the United States. I am OK with this, as long as the individual gets to choose where this 401(k) is placed. Let's move on: The US government will then match every dollar that the person puts in up to $1000, IF the person makes less than $60K a year. It should only cost $20 to $25 Billion a year.

Where does she propose this money comes from? An increase on death taxes. Currently, if a person who works hard their entire life, gathers wealth, pays every tax that the Government forces them to pay, their families will have to give up 50+% of their family member's wealth simply because they died.

There was a time when the crown confiscated the entire wealth of a person once they died. I thought that we fought a war to end that kind of thing... it was so long ago that I don't think anyone remembers anymore... Hillary is banking on it.

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