Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hillary - 5K For Your Baby

Recently Hillary said:

"I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that
will grow over time. So, when that young person turns 18, if they have finished
high school, they will be able to access it to go to college or maybe they will
be able to put that down payment on their first home, or go into business."

This nearly made my head explode.
First the obligatory note that nobody cares about, seizing private money to hand to private parties is expressly forbidden by the Constitution. The Constitution only provides for private property to be taken only with just compensation and only for public use. This is not even addressed by people today, they just don't care that their private property (money) can just be redistributed around.

After barely thinking about the first point, I developed yet another migraine trying to get my brain around what the hell Hillary was proposing... an account that grows over time? A personal private account? Is this the same Hillary that said that private accounts in Social Security were "risky;" and that she would ensure that nobody ever tried to privatize it. She is on record as saying that people could not be trusted to invest Social Security money properly. So what is she talking about now? What is her angle on this?

After that I realized that she said EVERY baby being born in America... I will forgo the America comment, I know she really means the USA. Anyway, every baby? EVERY baby? Even the ones born to the evil rich? What about the fresh spawn of the uber geek, Bill Gates? Do they get their $5K? What about the brats of the Walton clan? Do they get their $5K to spend at Wall-Mart? Equality is against everything that Hilliary is for.

Then the Democrat Party people and the Hillary Handlers got a hold of it. First it was stated on Bill O'Riley's radio show that Hillary didn't mean EVERY baby. She only meant babies that were born to poor people. Those poor people also included all babies born to illegal aliens. No vote buying scheme there... On the same show the Democrat party person said that this would not be a private account, rather it would be an account similar to Social Security, i.e. Government controlled. This sounded much more like the Hillary we all know and love. Thinking up a clever way to levy a tax increase on the American People having them think it was for the children.

The polls that came out later that afternoon pointed out that the American People did not like the fact that the $5K wouldn't be private money, so Hillary's handlers came out again and said that the account wouldn't be like Social Security, it would be a savings bond!!! That way it can benefit the Government AND the baby.

The final point is that later on in her speech Hillary said that families have a lot to pay for, and wouldn't be nice if this was one less thing they have to worry about... This is true. Families do have a lot to pay for. For most people their biggest expense is not their house, their car, or even their food bill... it is taxes. Most families are in the 35% tax bracket. They hand over 35% of their income, not counting capital gains, directly to the Government. If Hillary really wanted to help out families, she would give them back their money.

This is simply more of the same from dear Hillary. Her proposed Hillary Care II would cost over $300 Billion. The baby vote buying scheme would cost another $20 Billion. Simply crossing out the Bush Tax Cuts will not support all of this spending. The favorite method of the Democrats to raise money is to raise taxes. This is, of course, counter productive. As taxes rise, people have less money to spend in the economy, this causes the economy to tank, driving down income, so people have less money than before. In every situation where taxes were raised, recession soon followed.

Hillary is not good for America.

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Daniel said...

And what would a baby do with $5k? Actually, those off-road looking strollers are kinda cool. Check out my 6" rims, they spinnin! You other babies can suck it!