Sunday, September 30, 2007

Freedom and Socialism are Mutually Exclusive

Freedom requires small government. As government grows, it takes over choices that were previously handled by the individual. A free society requires that individuals make their own choices. This makes the individual self reliant. A self reliant person looks only to himself for answers. As government grows and takes those choices away, the individual begins to look to the government for answers.

The erosion of freedom is very real in this country. We are now asking out Presidential candidates what their plans for health care, retirement, and schools are. These questions are what we should be asking ourselves. There is NO right to health care. There is NO right to a comfortable retirement. There is NO right to an education. These things are made up by those who have discovered that your vote can be bought by government programs. In so doing they rob you of choice. They rob you of freedom. And all I hear is the clamoring for more freedom to be taken away. More liberty removed. More property and money confiscated from those who earn it, given to those who do not.

Freedom no longer rings. The socialists roll on with their programs. You allow them.

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