Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brits Are On To Something...

If you are obese or live an unhealthy lifestyle, no treatment for you. Very interesting. We in the US do not put as much emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle and keeping a healthy weight.

Because the UK has universal (socialist) health care and coverage, this new policy would need to come from government. This I have a problem with, as treatment should be made available to all IF the government is the provider. However, it is certainly something that the private sector could look at. Every percentage point your body fat is over normal for your height would cause an increase of 50% in your premium. I like it!!!! Fat people have so many more health problems than healthy people (No, you can not be fat and healthy at the same time. It is not possible. I don't care about the fatties that run marathons. Their excessive body weight still cause all the health problems of someone who does not run marathons. High blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease is all caused by having to deal with all of the fat). Not to mention the better we make our view with fit people rather than the sea of disgusting fat bodies that we have to look at now.


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