Thursday, September 20, 2007

UFC Fight Night Recap

I have been out of town and busy, so I did not get these picks out in time, but here is the recap none the less:

Dustin Hazelett def Jonathan Goulet Submission (Armbar)1:14 rnd 1
Dustin finally gets a win, and a HUGE win it is. He was suposed to loose to Goulet!

Thiago Alves def Kuniyoshi Hironaka Submission (Verbal - Low Kicks)4:04 rnd 2
Low kicks suck

Gray Maynard def Joe Veres KO (Punch) 0:09 rnd 1
One punch? I have to see this one...

Cole Miller def Leonard Garcia Decision
Meh. Cole Miller looks like Peyton Manning.

Luke Cummo def Edilberto de Oliveira TKO (Strikes) 1:45 rnd 1
Luke gets a win over an unknown opponent...

Nathan Quarry def Pete Sell KO (Punch) 0:44 rnd 3
What a fight!!! They just smashed in to one another until Pete could not get up!

Nathan Diaz def Junior Assuncao Submission (Ten-Finger Guillotine) 4:10 rnd 1
Great choke by Diaz. I did not think that he could finish it, but there it was!

Chris Leben def Terry Martin KO (Punch) 3:56 rnd 3
Chris was first penalized for holding the fence, then was nearly KOed by Martin's heavy fists, then out of nowhere, BAM out goes Terry.

Kenny Florian def Din Thomas Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 4:31 rnd 1
Din got hurt and could not defend himself. Not a great win for Kenny, but a win none the less.

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