Friday, November 14, 2008

UFC 91

Matt Brown Vs. Ryan Thomas
Matt lost by a hair in his last fight in the UFC. He will be out to prove he is still a UFC caliber fighter. Ryan is looking to make a comeback after loosing his first fight in the UFC.
Matt by KO first round

Alvin Robinson Vs. Mark Bocek
Tough fight to call. Both guys are young and both are looking to revenge losses in their last UFC fight. It looks like Alvin has the more complete game and I think that he can eek out the win.
Alvin by decision

Jeremy Stephens Vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Dude from Des Monies against a BJJ world champ. Hummm.
Rafael by armbar first round

Jorge Gurgel Vs. Aaron Riley
Jorge just can't seem to get it done in the UFC. He has been working his Thai Boxing with possible future opponent Kenny Florian in Boston, but it hasn't been his striking that has been the problem, it has been his unwillingness to fight to HIS strengths rather than try to prove that he can beat his guy as THEIR strengths.
Riley by decision

Dustin Hazelett Vs. Tamdan McCrory
Dustin has the slickest subs in the game right now. I don't think that Tamdan can G&P his way out of this one.
Dustin by Triangle second round

Nate Quarry Vs. Demian Maia
I don't think that Nate can keep the fight standing, and I don't think that Demian can sub Nate.
Maia by decision

Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Josh Hendricks
The UFC gives Gabe a cupcake so that he can make his comeback.
Gabe by KO first round.

Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Stevenson
Should be an interesting ground battle. Joe is very strong, but I don't think that he can finish a guy that Sean Sherk could not stop.
Kenny by decision

Randy Couture Vs. Brock Lesnar
Welcome to 2008's version of man vs bear. Playing the part of Man will be Randy Couture, the part of bear, Brock "I have a penis on my chest" Lesnar. Brock will try to maul Randy. Randy should be savvy enough to avoid getting mauled. When Brock gasses in the second round, Randy should be able to pick his shots and win.
Randy by Decision

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