Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back From Hawaii

I am back from my vacation! I know you were all waiting patiently for me to post, so here I am!

Before I left I was a bit nervous for my friend, Ryan Jensen, because he was going to be fighting while I was away. Ryan has lost three straight fights in the UFC, and I thought that it was a miracle that he would get a fourth shot. Not only that, he was fighting a guy who was not a Brazilian BJJ world champion submission master. He was to fight Steve Steinbeiss, a guy who Ryan had a realistic chance to beat.

I get back, and what do I find out... Jensen had Adderall in his system. I am absolutely crushed. What the hell Ryan?? You have one more fight in the UFC against a guy who does not tear of Gracie arms for fun, and you are doping?????? For what? Even if you lost you could hold your head up and say that you where there giving 100%, but to loose because you are cheating for one, and using a baned substance to boot???? WTF?

I have to admit that my feelings are more for myself than they are for Ryan. Mostly what I have for Ryan is disgust. I associated myself with this guy. His shame reflects on me, and it makes me sick. Good job Ryan. Way to make us all look like drug using cheaters.


Daniel said...

Was he using Adderall to make weight? I don't believe it's good for much else in the athletic performance realm...?

aegix said...

He takes Adderall for ADD.

Natto Ninja said...

As far as I can tell the TN rules are the same as the NV rules... Is his use of the drug new? Was he on it during his other fights?

Daniel said...

How was Hawaii?!