Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama Is Weak

Let's say you had a horrible sickness. You have your family doctor that you need to treat your illness with drug UnFuckYourselfinall. The internal medicine doctor tells you that you need to treat the illness with UnFuckYourselfinall. The infectious disease doctor tells you to treat with UnFuckYourselfinall. Finally the top doctor that specializes in your illness says you need to treat your sickness with UnFuckYourselfinall. What do you do?

Most reasonable people would have started taking UnFuckYourselfinall after the Family Doctor prescribed it. President Obama has a similar situation in Afghanistan. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, said that he needs to send more troops. The head of operations in that area, Gen. Petraeus, said that the President needs to send more troops. The general that President Obama placed in command in Afghanistan, Gen. General McKrystal, says that if he does not get more troops he will loose the war. For pity's sake even the ultra left wing hippies that call them selves Nat Geo journalists say that we need more troops once they have been in country.
The natives are BEGGING us for more help. What does the President do? Nothing. Says that he rejects all options.

Then in an act of pure cowardice, the President leaves the country for a trip to Asia that will keep him out of the country until the Thanksgiving Holiday. What does he have his Attorney General announce? That the 9/11 mastermind will be tried in New York court. WHAT???? You couldn't say that your self in one of your many MANY press conferences??? You couldn't stand up like a man and tell the American people that yourself? You had to let your bitch do it???

What does this really mean? The President is a pussy. Plain and simple. The guy has no balls and no clue. He is getting Americans killed in Afghanistan with his indecisiveness. Good work America. Way to elect an absolute incompetent pussy as your chief executive. I am so proud.

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