Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fat Kids Face Widespread Discrimination

I read a story that fat kids were facing discrimination from peers, parents, and teachers. The story went on to say that "Children as young as 3 are more likely to consider overweight peers to be mean, stupid, ugly and sloppy." Teachers say that "obese people are untidy, less likely to succeed and more emotional." Parents jump on the bandwagon by giving less financial support to collage age daughters who are overweight than average weight daughters.

My reaction to this is to say: GOOD!!!!!
Fat people are not good for the country, the health care system, or to look at. Perhaps if there was more pressure put on young children to remain fit, they would not grow up to be disgusting fat adults.

"But it is bad for the kid's self esteem!!" is the cry of the weak. Self esteem comes from doing esteem-able things. Sitting on your fat ass drinking sugar soda, stuffing your face with Doritos playing video games does NOT build self esteem. It builds fat, which leads to Type II Diabetes, cardio issues, pulmonary issues, asthma, sleep apnea, and a host of other problems that fit people just don't get.

Being fat is bad. It is a serious health problem brought upon by being LAZY! The trouble with being fat is that the fatter you get, the more and more difficult it becomes to loose weight, and increase fitness. It is very difficult to gain back cardio strength after loosing it. Getting it back SUCKS, even for fit people. This is why most people hate exercise.

The good news is that after you get to a certain point in your training, you start to feel very good after your work outs. Endorphins are released in to the blood and you feel great! It takes hard work, and sore muscles to get to this point, and if you are lazy, you just won't make it. Maybe if the social stigma is great enough it will give the children the push they need to get over the hump.

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