Friday, July 20, 2007


I started loosing weight about 15 months ago, while training for a MMA fight I was 214 lbs and needed to get down to 205 for the fight. My opponent no showed me, so I did not fight, BUT after loosing about 10lbs I found that I did not loose any strength, (in fact I was stronger and had better cardio) and I still looked pudgy. On top of this my dad contracted Type II Diabetes. My wife informed me that Type II is basically genetic, and primarily weight driven. As my dad aged and gained weight, he started having issues. I did not weigh much less than my dad, so I knew I had to do something. Most So I decided to try and loose much of that pudge. I resolved to cut to 185 lbs, then assess how I looked. My only stipulation was that I could not loose any strength during the weight loss.
Yesterday I weighed in at my goal weight of 185. My lifting goes on just as it did before my weight loss, I have gained strength, endurance, and I look so much better. I have gone from a size 36 waist to a size 34/33 waist. I have had to buy all new pants, and have my wedding band resized (I went from a size 10 to a size 9). My cardio is about the same as what it was, but I find myslef to be much more athletic in my movements that I was before.
My diet was very simple: eat less and exercise more. My company is in love with food, and there is always something to eat around here. I stopped eating the extra pizza, cake, candy, chips (I cheated here sometimes), and sugar soda. I only ate my sandwich that I brought from home for lunch, and my fruit as a snack. I ate what my wife served me for dinner, and did not eat afterwards. Simple diet, it just involves pushing away from the table. It took some perseverance though... I hit several plateaus where I thought that I had lost all of the weight I could at my present caloric intake. The longest being at 195 lbs. I stuck there for almost 3 months! But I kept with it and all of the sudden one day I started loosing again.

It is nice to meet this goal, and I think I will relax a bit on my diet, meaning I think I will go to Chinese Buffet or HuHot once for lunch. I still have some pudge hanging around my middle, and I wonder how much more weight I can cut. I may try to get down to 180, or even 175, but I don't think that I will make a very serious go at that... I think that 185 is a good weight and I will try to maintain here.

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