Monday, November 19, 2007

Pierce Wins High School Football Championship!

The football team at my old high school did something that no class since 1978 has been able to do, win the state football championship. My, and some other classes came close, loosing in the final, but this group of kids won with a perfect season.

We came out quickly and scored first. Our defence came out and held them, three and out. The offence came out and looked to be running on all cylinders when disaster. Our running back fumbled the ball and the other team managed to get a very good drive going. They tied the score seven-seven, but the damage had been done. By the middle of the third quarter we were down 28-7, and the rout seemed to be on. Our offence was stagnant, they had figured us out. Their offence seemed to have found the soft spots in our defence and were picking us apart. Then the miracle began. Our main running back also plays quarterback, our main quarterback also plays running back. We complete a long half back pass and score, 28-14. They fumble deep in their own territory, we score, 28-21. We hold them to three and out. We manage to hold a very strong drive together, 28-28. Overtime. We win the toss and elect to defend. We hold them three plays then block their field goal attempt. We SCORE!!!

Excellent game!

Onward Bluejays!

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