Thursday, November 15, 2007

UFC 78 Validation

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Akihiro Gono Vs. Tamdan McCrory (Welterweight)
Gono won his last fight against Kondo earlier this year. He is a ground go who can trade a little bit.
McCroy is undefeated and managed to triangle Pete Spratt in his last fight. Big accomplishment.

Gono by decision

Luke Caudillo Vs. Marcus Aurelio (Lightweight)
Luke is a guy from North Platte who does ok in small shows.
Marcus Aurelio is an ATT black belt who once choked Takanori Gomi unconscious.

Aurelio by RNC first round.

Jason Reinhardt Vs. Joe Lauzon (Lightweight)
Reinhardt has been around a long time amassing an impressive record of 19-0, mostly by submission.

Lauzon knocked out Jens Pulver then triangled Brandon Melendez in the UFC. He is on a 5 fight win streak, not counting the loss to Manny on TUF.

Lauzon by heel hook second round.

Chris Lytle Vs. Thiago Alves (Welterweight)
Chris is back after loosing to Matt Hughes, then winning twice by triangle choke over lesser opponents.
Thiago is back after being suspended for vitamin "S" then submitting Kuniyoshi Hironaka.

Thiago by KO first round.

Frank Edgar Vs. Spencer Fisher (Lightweight)
Frankie is back going 2-0 in the UFC beating Tyson Griffin (decision) and Mark Bocek (KO).
Spence is back after loosing to Hermies Franca, then winning a decision over Sam Stout.

Spencer by triangle second round.

Ryo Chonan Vs. Karo Parisyan (Welterweight)
Chonan, who has the greatest flying heel hook submission of all time on Anderson Silva, is debuting in the UFC after taking a 9 month break from MMA. Chonan is a very good stand up fighter as well as a good wrestler. G&P is is main way to win.

Parisyan has heard the final bell the 8 out of 10 times... Go Judo.

Karo by decision.

Joe Doerksen Vs. Ed Herman (Middleweight)
Joe where have you been? We have not seen Joe in the UFC since loosing to Nathan Marquardt nearly three years ago. His last fight was a KO loss to Paulo Filho in the Zuffa owned WEC. Hummm... Loose in the UFC farm promotion, get a fight in the UFC... How does that work?

Ed Herman is 2-2 in the UFC loosing to Kendall Grove by decision and Jason Macdonald by triangle then beating Chris Price by armbar and Scott Smith by RNC. Most of his wins are by submission.

Doerkerson by decision.

Thiago Silva Vs. Houston Alexander (Light Heavyweight)
Silva is a BJJ black belt who likes to knock people out. He is 12-0, with all but three coming by KO.

Houston just likes to knock people out.
Houston knows that to stay in the public eye and keep making money he will need to keep knocking people out. If he looses to Silva he knows people will start believing that he is a fluke, or a flash in the pan. He is in the spotlight and he wants to stay there.
Silva is 2-0 2KOs in the UFC as well, but has not won in such a spectacular fashion as Houston. If he wins, he will steal all of Houston's budding popularity, and catapult himself in to the big time.
I think that this one is won on the ground with conditioning. I don't think that Houston can keep up his killer pace for more than one round especially if the fight goes to the canvas. Thiago by RNC late third round.

Michael Bisping Vs. Rashad Evans (Light Heavyweight)
Bispin nearly lost to Matt Hammil last time out.

Rashad drew Tito Ortiz his last time out. Rashad has become known for his spectacular finishes or his very close decision wins... but he keeps winning.

I don't think that Bisping can keep up with Rashad on the ground, but I also don't think that Rashad has enough ground skill to submit Bisping. Rashad by decision... again.

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