Thursday, October 9, 2008

Health Care a Right?

Let me see...

  1. Free exercise of religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly, and bitch at government... No health care there.
  2. Individuals can keep and bear arms... No health care there.
  3. No army guys in the house without consent of the owner... No health care there
  4. I get to have my stuff and person not searched or seized without probable cause... Not there either
  5. Can't be held for a capital crime with out indictment from a grand jury, can't try me for the same crime twice, can't make me testify against myself, and no property can be taken for public use with out just compensation... We just forget that last part any way, so maybe they are trying to sneak it in there... Kind of an odd place for it... Nah, lets move on.
  6. Speedy trial, impartial jury of their peers, tried in the place of the crime, they have to tell me what I am being tried for, have witnesses against me presented, have the ability to get my own witnesses, and have a lawyer... Definitely no health care there.
  7. I get to have a jury if I want it, and can't be reexamined by any court with out a formal appeal. Not there either. I am running out of rights in the bill of rights... There are still three more so don't despair!! I am sure that we will find it.
  8. No excessive bail, or excessive fines (have they heard of double fines in a construction zone?) or cruel and unusual punishments (if you do an unusual punishment enough times does it make it unusual??). No health care here.
  9. No one really knows what this one means gives us... Basically it means that just because a right is not talked about here the Feds still can't violate it.... I could see an argument sticking health care in here, but then you would also have to put driving flying, hunting, prostitution, and whatever else not talked about in the Constitution as well.
  10. If the Constitution does not specifically mention a power, then that power is given to the individual states. FINALLY, something we can use.

Health Care may be considered a right, but not at the Federal level. If a state wishes to declare Health Care a right, it may do so, but it should not receive any Federal funding or support.

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