Friday, October 24, 2008

In The Bag

Despite the most recent polls from AP, the Untied States will elect Barack Obama as President. McCain will need to do something drastic in order to prevent his eventual defeat, but, if his previous campaign strategy holds, he will not.

I was listening to Bill O'Riley and O'Riley came up with a good idea for McCain. One that McCain will not take... When you listen to O'Riley you have to realize a few things. First O'Riley will do his absolute best to be fair by giving both sides equal time. Second, O'Riley has his point of view, and since his show is about his point of view he will attack those who do not hold his point of view, and give those who support his point of view more time with out interruption to present their case. Third, O'Rilely loves himself. He believes that he is the smartest one in the room, and is not afraid to tell you that.
All that said, O'Riley's idea is valid. He said that McCain should hold a major press conference, or a rally in a large battle ground state city, like St. Louis or Cleavland, at this presser/rally he brings up Mitt Romney, and says "If elected I will appoint Mitt Romney, a brilliant business man as my Treasury Secretary. He will fix the economy." Then McCain brings up Rudy Giuliani and says: "Rudy Giuliani will be my Attorney General. He will bring to justice all in government and in the private sector who caused this mess."
This is a great idea. It openly forces Obama to do the same. With such little time, I very much doubt that Obama can come up with two people as qualified to do the same jobs. On top of this, McCain chooses two men who have already been vetted by the public. We know who they are and what their flaws are. Anybody Obama brings would be new and untested, or old and more of the same.

McCain will not do this. He will keep talking about Joe The Plumber. He will loose. The US will take a step back in to the New Deal, and the Great Society. Policies that have failed for 30 years. Only America is in a much worse spot now, because we are still paying for said New Deal, and Great Society.

I welcome Obama as President. I realize that it took Carter to give us Regan. It took Clinton to give us Gingrich. Who will Obama give us? Will Obama's crushing tax policies be enough to drive the FairTax in to reality? Will the people ever regain their love of freedom? I hope so. But hope kills pilots. It is best to go with the evidence. And the evidence says that freedom is dead.


Daniel said...

...and it took Bush to give us Obama. :)

Natto Ninja said...

Absolutely true. Had Bush and the Republican controlled congress held to their conservative principals, had they not thrown out the Contract for America, had they not torn apart the Constitution we would be in a much better place.

Daniel said...

Who aren't you mad at?

Natto Ninja said...

My wife is pretty cool...