Thursday, October 2, 2008

Raising the Dead

Mark Coleman vs "Shogun" Rua has been confirmed by the UFC. You have got to be kidding me. Mark Coleman is now 44, and has not won a match of any significance since winning the first PRIDE Grand Prix back in 2001. Since then he has lost to ever name competitor. Fedor tapped him out (twice), Cro Cop knocked him out, and Nog choked him out. He did manage to beat nobody Milco Voorn, though. Nice job Mark.
Let's face it, Mark's last visit to the UFC was in 1999 when he got beat by Pedro Rizzo. Before that Pete Williams knocked Mark out with one of the first highlight head kicks. Mark's game has not changed a bit since then. Ground pound, ground pound, rinse and repeat. He remains vulnerable to submissions, and to a strong standing attack.
What did change about his game is that in PRIDE they did not test for vitamin "S." And now you put him in the UFC that has more testing that the Tour de France. Nice.

This should be a cake walk for Rua, who lost to Mark via a freak injury. I hope it is, because I like Rua's style and he was always fun to watch. Hopefully he has made the adjustments needed to compete in the UFC.

You thought that this post would be about the Economic Bailout didn't you? HA! Ninjas survive by being unpredictable. And I have just hit you with a literary siruken!

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