Saturday, December 13, 2008

UFC Fight For the Troops - Recap

I did not get to watch the fights... Apparently Oklahoma City does not have wireless Internet or decent television....

Justin McCully def Eddie Sanchez Decision
My Pick: I say Eddie wins by KO first round
Guess Justin has something else to say...

Dale Hartt def Corey Hill TKO (Leg Injury) 0:20 rnd 2
My Pick: I say Hartt by KO second round.
Hell to the yeah. I have to see this one... Was it the leg kicks? I bet it was the leg kicks.

Ben Saunders def Brandon Wolff TKO (Knees) 1:49 rnd 1
My Pick: Ben by RNC second round
Or knees it the first, what ever floats your boat.

Steve Bruno def Johnny Rees Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 3:44 rnd 2
My Pick: Steve over the "The Hater Hurter" by RNC first round
For the love of Pete, Steve, I could have had two home runs had you just closed the deal a few minutes earlier...

Luigi Fioravanti def Brodie Farber Decision
My Pick: Luigi by decision
Keep on rocking with your mediocrity Luigi!

Jim Miller def Matt Wiman Decision
My Pick: I didn't say... I was going to pick Wiman though so that goes as a loss for me.

Tim Credeur def Nate Loughran TKO (Injury) 5:00 rnd 2
My Pick: Tim by decision.
Good job Tim!!

Steve Cantwell def Razak Al-Hassan Technical Submission (Armbar) 4:04 rnd 1
My Pick: Steve by KO second round
Steve averts a major incident by catching Al-Hassan.

Mike Swick def Jonathan Goulet TKO (Punches) 0:33 rnd 1
My Pick: Mike by decision.
What the... 33 seconds? Wow.

Josh Koscheck def Yoshiyuki Yoshida KO (Punch) 2:15 rnd 1
My Pick: Yoshida by decision.
I guess that Yoshida is less a monster than I thought... or is a monster with a weak chin... Or a monster whose Kryptonite is curly blond wrestlers...

I go 7 of 10.

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