Monday, December 8, 2008

UFC Fight For The Troops

The troops deserve our very best... except good fights. Sure I will watch it, but I won't enjoy it...

Eddie Sanchez Vs. Justin McCully (Heavyweight)
Eddie has been off and on in the UFC, he was picked as CroCop's first knock out, then went on to win a few. He most recently lost to Antoni Hardonk in June.
Justin beat a decent Antoni Hardonk then was brought in as Gabe Gonzaga's cupcake to snap his two fight loosing streak.
These two guys have fought the same guy, Antoni Hardonk. Eddie lost Justin won. Tough call but, I say Eddie wins by KO first round.

Corey Hill Vs. Dale Hartt (Lightweight)
Cory is coming off of a loss to Justin Buchholz.
Dale Hartt is a fighter out of Team Sityodtong, members include Pat Cote, Stephan Bonnar, Marcus Davis, KenFlo, and Jorge Rivera. Wow.
This is an interesting fight. Mark DellaGrotte at Sityodtong has been turning out incredible strikers for a while now. Just look at how sharp Jorge Gurgel looked after training there for his last fight. Dale should be a monster on his feet.
Corey Hill is so damn tall. He is 6'4"! Dale is 5'10". Hill is going to have a MONSTER reach advantage. If Corey is anything like the last I saw him, he likes to leave his lead leg way out there, he will be crushed by leg kicks. This should be a stand up fight, as it is very unlikely that Hartt will take Hill down, even if he wanted to.
I say Hartt by KO second round.

Ben Saunders Vs. Brandon Wolff (Welterweight)
ATT trained Ben Saunders saunters back in to the ring after beating Ryan Thomas by armbar. Ben is now 2-0 in the UFC, 6-0-2 overall.
Brandon Wolff won his last fight by split decision over my friend Chad Reiner back in May. Brandon is on a 4 fight win streak, and will make his debut in the UFC.
Ben is on his way up in the UFC, and Brandon is looking for his big break. Ben trains with the best MMA team in the world, Brandon trains with an obscure team in Hawaii.
Ben by RNC second round.

Steve Bruno Vs. Johnny Rees (Welterweight)
ATT fighter Steve Bruno lost his UFC debut by decision to Chris Wilson. Johnny lost his debut fight in the UFC by triangle to Nate Loughran. Bad thing if you are facing a guy from ATT.
Steve over the "The Hater Hurter" by RNC first round.

Luigi Fioravanti Vs. Brodie Farber (Welterweight)
Luigi has been up and down in the UFC, first beating Dave Menne, then loosing to Jon Fitch and Forrest Petz, then beating Luke Cummo before loosing to Diego Sanchez. He has fought the best, and has been beaten by them...
Brodie got kicked in the head at 1:37 of his debut UFC fight by Rory Markham... He is looking for redemption here.
Both of these guys are good on the ground, 7 of Brodie's wins come by submission, and Luigi trains out of ATT. Luigi seems to be more of a stand up guy, so that give him the edge in this fight.
Luigi by decision.

Matt Wiman Vs. Jim Miller (Lightweight)
Handsome Matt Wiman has done very well for himself in the UFC after loosing to Spencer Fisher, going 4-0.
IFL vet Jim Miller beat David Baron by RNC in his UFC debut. Jim is a submission guy going 12-1, with 9 of his wins by submission.

Crap... I am out of time so I have to abbreviate the last ones.

Tim Credeur Vs. Nate Loughran (Middleweight)
Tim by decision.

Steve Cantwell Vs. Razak Al-Hassan (Light Heavyweight)
Really? You put a guy named Al-Hassan in a fight against a guy named Steve, in front of a bunch of US troops??? Really?
Steve better win or there might be a riot. And it won't be Quiet... (Come on fell the noise! Girls rock your boys! We'll get wild, wild, wild.) Wait what was I saying? Oh yeah. Steve by KO second round.

Mike Swick Vs. Jonathan Goulet (Welterweight)
Should be a good ground fight, but not very exciting unless you are in to BJJ... Mike by decision.

Josh Koscheck Vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida (Welterweight)
I think that I am the only one who thinks that Yoshida is a monster. Yoshida by decision.

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