Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Business' Claws Come Out

Check out this story on Bloomberg: Manchurian Candidate Starts War on Business

Wow. The author, Kevin Hassett, essentially says that Obama wants to destroy the economy.
Jim Kramer of Mad Money fame said that Obama was the responsible for destroying the country's wealth.

Both of these guys act like they didn't know this was coming. During the campaign Clinton and Obama played dueling new government programs, and we are surprised that Obama is kicking up spending and government control?
Is it a surprise when the guy who said that he was going to spread the wealth around announces that he is going to raise taxes on the people who achieve, and give it to those who do not?
Is it a surprise that the guy who said that he wanted "social justice" for those affected by "Welfare Reform" in the 90's is going to tax the hell out of business?

Elections have consequences. If business wanted a chance in this last presidential election, they should have campaigned harder for Mitt Romney. But, no, no, no we couldn't ever vote for a Mormon. They might have more than one wife! Next thing you know the people may be questioning our moral fiber.
Instead we elect a Communist.

Most of the informed voters knew this was going to happen. Those that thought it was good for the country were either fooling themselves or just plain stupid... No, No, that's not right. There are no stupid people. Only those that choose not to think.

Unless We the People send the right people to congress in 2010, this recession will deepen and lengthen. But we won't. The Republicans betrayed the American trust. Just think what the country would have been like if Congress did not wipe their ass with The Contract With America. If the Republicans did not vote the impotent Denny Hastert as speaker after Newt Gingrich left in disgrace, what would have happened?
What would have happened if the Congress stood up to George W. Bush and backed the Contract?

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