Friday, March 20, 2009

Ex Post Facto

Latin is no longer taught in school. I think that was done so that we can "keep it real" and not worry about strange phrases in the Constituion shuch as in Article 1:
"No bill of Attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed."

Ex Post Facto means after the fact. You can't pass a law that applies to something that happens in the past. Thus the morons in the House passes an unconstatutional bill that taxes the AIG bouns recievers.
More and more evidence that Congress has simply whiped thier ass with the Constution and sent it down the toliet with the rest of the garbage.

Another thing should be distrubing about this... These people are recieving bonuses based on legal contracts that they signed with a private company. The company would have to pay these bonuses even if they filed Chapter 11, rather than being bailed out by the Government. The Government now taxes these specific people, private citizens working for a private company, for their money. What is to say that the Government won't do this to other private citizens it dosen't like?
One day Nancy Pelosi is reading the Ninja, as she always does, and thinks, You know what? Ninja's UFC picks really suck! How dare he pick Sakuraba over Fedor. Time to teach him a lesson!"
She then proceeds to pass legislation that will force me to pay 90% of my income in taxes.

We need to take this kind of power away from Government! FairTax NOW!!!

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