Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boxing vs MMA

For those who did not see the one gloved wonder, Art Jimmerson get mounted by Royce Gracie at UFC 1, the UFC is proud to present James Toney vs Randy Colture. They could have called it the Battle of Washed Up Old Guys, but that really doesn't have the same marketing punch. (get it? its a pun!!)

What we have is a legitimate former Boxing champion in several weight classes. He has fought the best, even lost to Roy Jones, when Jones was climbing to the top of the heap at light heavyweight. For MMA, he has very very heavy hands. For MMA, he has very very quick hands. For MMA he has very very poor movement. For MMA he has very very poor footwork.

To say that Randy Colture is a MMA veteran is a vast understatement. Randy has been the champion multiple times in multiple divisions. For boxing he has very slow hands. For boxing he has very very poor footwork. For MMA he has a near perfect stance. For MMA he has excelent timing.

What this is going to come down to is about how the athletes have been training and with whom they have been training with.
Randy trains out of Extreme Colture with Forrest Griffin, Tyson Griffin, Martin Kampman, Sean Tompkins, Jake Rosholt, etc. PLUS all of the guys just passing through the gym, or using the gym to shake up their training. On top of this Randy is a well known Greco Roman wrestler. He is famous for his takedowns in the clinch.

Toney has been training with a Kempo Karate black belt Trever Sherman... He has no MMA fights. He has several videos on YouTube on how to do Kempo "anti-grappling." No wonder he thinks he is going to smoke Randy.

Here is Trevor getting worked at a Kempo event where the ground is legal... He is the one without yellow gloves.

Only a moron would walk to the center of the ring and attempt to box with Toney... Randy is not a moron. He is going to clinch up on the cage with James and take him down. James will have very little opportunity to avoid this. Once there Randy will win by ref stoppage when it becomes painfully obvious that he is not defending himself intelligently. It is very doubtful that Randy will knock James out, but it is very probable that this fight will end with Randy pounding away on James' face in the mount position while James has his arms straight up while desperately trying to upset Randy's balance with his legs. Randy does not really have KO power, so the end of the fight will be when the ref determines that he has seen enough.

The only chance that James has is in the opening seconds of the match. If he can get his jab working quick enough to keep Randy away, then manage to connect with his big straight right, he could knock Randy out. Randy has a relatively weak chin, and is suspect to a straight right.

It won't happen though. James will allow Randy to clinch, that is what you do in boxing. Except the ref won't break them up. The takedown will come and the end inevitable.

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