Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Face of the American Poor

Check out this picture:

This is Raymeica Kelly she is showing the two power bills that she did not get assistance in paying. Ms. Kelly has been out of work for over a year. Take a good look at Ms. Kelly. Take a look around the room she is in. What do you notice?

First... It looks like Ms. Kelly has not been missing any meals. She has money for enough calories to keep her very overweight.
If she went on a diet, she might be able to squeeze in a power bill or two.

Next... See the very large flat screen television? That is bigger than mine. She can't afford to pay her power bills, but she thinks that she can hold on to that massive television? I bet if she pawned that thing she could get at least enough to pay her power and heat bills for a few months.

Next... What is underneath the television? Microsoft XBox 360 gaming system. Multiple third party controllers. At least three games visible laying around. Each X-Box 360 game costs between $10 and $70. If you didn't get the games, could you have paid your electric bill? How many electric bills could you have paid for if you sold your XBox?

I won't speculate on what other luxury items Ms. Kelly has that she could get rid of before seeking assistance.

This is the simple fact of the American "poor." How many times have you watched a corpulent person purchase a grocery cart full of steak, while talking on their expensive cell phone, carrying a designer bag, with an EBT card? It happens nearly every time I go to the store. Why? Because Government programs provide so much for the "poor" they squander their money on these items. Why shouldn't they? It isn't like the money will be taken away from them.

It is time to change the way we do welfare once and for all.
The solution? Once you loose your job and file for unemployment, you get one month of benefits, during that time you must have had a minimum of one interview per week. After that month, you are to have one interview a week, accepting a salary 10% less than your last position. So on and so forth until a job is obtained. At which time ALL moneys remitted are paid back to the Government. These payments are garnished from wages. No more rewarding people for not working. No more endless hand outs.

Not having a job after a period of time is SHAMEFUL! It is time we made it so.

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