Monday, December 27, 2010

Glock Owner

I went to the huge gun store yesterday and went over to the Glock section, and, to my surprise, they had three Glock subcompacts. The Glock 30, 30SF, and 36 were are there. Wait a second... 30SF what the hell is that?

Apparently, there were lots of complaints about the Glock 30 grip being too large for small hands. So what Glock did was to slim down the back strap a bit:

Glock 30SF on the left

There was no price difference in any of the three pistols, so I asked the sales guy if I could put the guns through my main forms of carry.
I found that all three fit well in to my murse (heehee) pocket, and, while they were noticeably heavier, not so much as to cause me a problem.
I really noticed a difference when I put the pistols in to my preferred method of on body carry, the appendix carry position.

Example of appendix carry position

Here I really noticed the thickness difference between the Glocks and the Kahr. The Glock is a much beefier gun, so you really feel the extra metal.

Overall, the difference between the 30 models and the 36 was negligible. The 36 was definitely slimmer in my hand compared to the 30 models, but not so much as to really make a difference. I really didn't think that the changes in the SF model made much difference, but a woman in the shop said that it made a big difference when she shot the 30 and the 30SF.

In the end I bought the Glock 30SF. I wanted the extra shots, and maybe my wife would want to shoot it... Not likely, but if so the smaller grip may help her out.

After taking my new pistol home, I loaded it up, stacked the spare mag, and put everything in my murse (heehee), and went to the grocery store. After a short bit, I didn't notice the difference in weight.

So, I think this new pistol will work out well.

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Daniel said...

You'll shoot your eye out kid!