Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ski Trip

The wife and I went to Park City, UT for our annual ski trip. It was our first time to Utah. The snow was awesome, but the weather didn't really cooperate with us.

The first day we skied around in a snow storm. It was cold, windy, and snowing like crazy. Good powder, but difficult to see anything.

The second day was cold, and the wind stuck around. We froze on the lifts, but had a great time in the powder left by day previous' storm. Lots of fun on the mogul runs as the bumps weren't as deep. Good stuff.

The third day was super duper cold, the temp not getting above 10 degrees, but the wind had left us. This was our best day yet.

I had a new iPhone app that recorded all of our runs, speeds, and mileage. It really gave me a new application on how fast you actually move when skiing. A typical groomed run averaged about 35 mph, with my very top speeds topping 55 mph. No wonder Sonny Bono died when he hit a tree.

When I figure out how to post the run data I will post it.

Park City Mountain Resort

Park city was lots of fun, it being a real town at the base of several awesome ski mountains. We were able to ski all day, then hang out at a brew pup for drinks, then finish the day by having dinner in a nice restaurant.

The absolute best thing was that the resort was only about 35 minutes from the airport. So much better than Colorado, where you have to drive for an hour or better just to get to your resort.

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