Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TUF 13 Coaches Announced

In a brilliant ratings grabbing, Dana White has selected Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos to be the coaches of TUF 13. So we will have a bunch of Welterweights walk in to camp with two heavyweight coaches. Not a bad thing typically. However who would you want to be your coach?
A brown belt under Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, who trains his striking with Anderson Silva, with a record of 12-1, 8 by knock out 3 by submission?
Or a former NCAA Div I champion and former WWE professional wrestler with a record of 5-2, 3 knock outs 1 submission?

dos Santos will undoubtedly bring in Rogueira as his BJJ coach, and NCAA Div I champion Mark Munoz for wrestling.
Lesnar will bring in... who from "Death Clutch", of whom he is the only member? He has trained with Erik Paulson a bit, and with Peter Welch a bit... Who else?

Honestly if I am a TUF welterweight, I am hoping beyond hope that I get picked by Junior dos Santos. He has been in the sport longer, has a better record, is trained by a quality well known team, AND has wanted nothing more in his life than to fight in the UFC.
Lesnar is a guy looking for a paycheck, surrounding himself with yes men, and not doing what he needs to do to be a successful fighter in the UFC. He has learned little, and makes the same mistakes. A training camp with him, I am guessing, will be very much like Ken Shamrock's TUF training camp. Lots of talk about steak and chicken.

Brock Lesnar

Junior dos Santos

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