Monday, January 24, 2011

Solo Vacation

The wife and I engaged in some retail therapy this weekend in Dallas, about three hours away from OKC. During the drive we got to talking about our Spring Vacation. I had thought we were going to Japan to visit her family in Sendai, and take in the Cherry Blossom festival, or Hanami. The wife then kind of joking, kind of not, said that she wanted her mommy time, and that maybe I should do something else for that week... SWEET! What should I do?

Muay Thai -- Phuket Thailand
This is something I have wanted to do since I started training Muay Thai. I thought that I would never get the chance, because there is no way I could get the wife to go to Thailand and goof off by herself while I went and trained all day long. At best I would have gotten one day to train, and, really why do it?

Some of the best Muay Thai training is done in one of the more beautiful spots on earth:

The area of Phuket has realized that there is money to be made with the Muay Thai tourist, and offers connections at the best gyms with the best resorts. Essentially, I can train Muay Thai, at the same time take advantage of a four star resort on the beach. Not quite training in the jungle with a bunch of guys who would slit your throat as soon as look at you, but you are in one of the best resort areas of the world, why not take advantage?

Good news is that I am willing to pay for private training, so I won't have to deal with all of the first timers and what not of a "tourist" camp, at the same time attending the tourist camp.

Golf/Friend Visit -- Arizona, Las Vegas
I have several friends that I have not seen in a long time who live in the Phoenix area. I could play golf during the day, and hang out with them at night. It would be a relaxing and fun holiday.

IFR Certification -- Western United States
If I work hard before hand, I could complete my written Instrument Flight training and do this week long course to get my Instrument Certificate.
There are several programs available that literally take you around the Western US on cross country hops, doing your training the entire time. When you return, you take your certification check ride, and are guaranteed to pass. I would have to get in to the air and get my flying right before hand.

Back to the Farm -- Nebraska
I could go back to Omaha and see everybody up there... It is still chilly in April, so I might be able to do some golf, see the family, play with nieces and nephews, I could fly with dad, train at the old gym, and get some beer to bring back to OKC.

More likely though is that she will chicken out and take me with her to Sendai. I don't think that she will want to have me do my own vacation. I think she will be jealous of whatever I do, even if it involves lots of stuff she wouldn't do.

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