Monday, January 31, 2011

Patriot Act Abomination

Soon after 9/11 the American people gave up large sections of their rights to the government. It was called "The Patriot Act." Who wants to vote against something that has Patriot in it? Might as well have called it, "The Law That Prevents The Killing of Cute Cuddly Puppies." Or "The Community Reinvestment Act."
At the time, our leaders said it was necessary for our security. It was necessary for the defeat of the "evil-doers." Besides, the Act will never be used the wrong way, and the Act has an expiration date. We won't always have the Patriot Act!

What have we seen? The Patriot Act has been renewed time and again, we are still under its power, not only that, but we have seen more and more abuses of the Act by the FBI.
The FBI uses the Patriot Act to violate and intimidate everyday Americans. All they need to do is to say they suspect terrorism. They need no probable cause, no due process. They just say Terrorism and blamo, get all up in your Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, First Amendment, AND Sixth Amendment.

Here is the true and simple fact. Only ONE time in history has someone with absolute power ever given it up voluntarily. His name was Washington. After that, you can count on one hand the times any Government has given up a power once it has been granted. These abuses will be come more and more common place. Unless something is done immediately, the Patriot Act will be with us forever. History has proven that once a people gives up liberty, they can only win it back with blood. The first country on earth that proved that a self governing people can peaceably return government power back to the people. That is the USA. Other countries have followed our example, but it is a rare and fragile thing. Even in the USA it is very very difficult to return government power to the people. Want an example? Try to get a member of congress to tell you why we can't return spending back to 2008 levels.

Just cause George was awesome.

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