Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holly Crap... U.S. Army Now Has Smart BULLETS!

I want one!!!

Here is the concept... The first thing they teach you in any type of combat school is how to get behind cover when the bullets start to fly. Why do you do this? You want to not get shot. Your cover protects you from the bullets. When everybody gets behind cover, that is when shooting them becomes problematic. They are behind cover how are you going to get at them?
All sorts of tactics have been tried. Giving your guys powerful guns to shoot through cover (bad guys just find better cover), using explosive rounds to shoot over cover and land on the bad guys (very difficult to do and very limited range), and, my personal favorite, calling in air planes or artillery to level anything within 200 meters of the target. You can imagine that these tactics cause lots and lots of collateral damage.

The idea behind this new weapon is having the weapon do all of the math and calculations of aiming rounds so that all the good guy getting shot at needs to do is pull the trigger. That is exactly what this new weapon does. It can actually shoot around corners, over cover and through cover. The Army says that it effectively eliminates cover as being a viable tactical option in the field. Very cool... And very very scary.

Here it is:

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