Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Individual" Declared Racist

Seeing that Al Sharpton has declared that "you people" is now a racial slur, I have declared that the word "Individual" is now the worst kind of racial slur.
When someone refers to you as an "individual" be sure to look shocked and ask "Who are you calling an individual?" If you are at work, report the offender to HR immediately, if the person is a police officer, report them to their supervisor, a radio show host, call for their immediate firing.

I figure since most of the country has decided that individual rights are offensive, you know, freedom of speech (refer to Don Imus), freedom of religion (refer to the evangelical Christians), freedom of the press (refer to the Democrat party boycott of the Fox News sponsored debate), right to bear arms (refer to any Democrat candidate, and Rudy Giuliani's mayorhood); that the word "individual" should be easy to convert in to a racial slur. That way it is simply easier to push social programs on the group.

Free speech is just that. There is nothing in the Constitution about the freedom from offense. If you don't like what somebody has to say, don't listen to them. When you oppress speech and thought that you don't like, you invite others to oppress YOUR thoughts and speech that they do not like. This is why the the first amendment was written the way it was. Many of the great founders were hunted down and hung for saying what they believed. They KNEW that speech must be protected or surely a tyrant would seek to silence the people.

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