Sunday, April 8, 2007

UFC 69 Shootout Recap

Luke Cummo def Josh Haynes KO (Punch) 2:45 rnd 2
My Pick: Luke by decision.
Good fight. Luke looked really sharp and simpy dropped Haynes.

Marcus Davis def Pete Spratt Submission (Ankle lock) 2:57 rnd 2
My Pick: Macus by RNC second round.
Round method and fighter, but not the submission... three out of four isn't bad... In my opinion this will be Pete's last fight in the UFC. He is just too one diminetional.

Thales Leites def Pete Sell Decision
My Pick: Thales by armbar first round
Pete hung on for the decision. Shows his heart, but that might be the end of his UFC fights for a while.

Heath Herring def Brad Imes Decision
My Pick: Herring by KO third round
Heath continues to under perform... I see him moving to PRIDE very soon.

Kendall Grove def Alan Belcher Submission (D'Arce Choke) 4:42 rnd 2
My Pick: Kendall by ref stoppage second round
Well... The ref did stop the fight in the second round... Good use of a common BJJ choke... I just wish that I could get it to work.

Yushin Okami def Mike Swick Decision
My Pick: Swick by KO first round
Okami dominated a Swick who seemed not to be able to pull the trigger. There were times that Mike clearly got the upper hand, but would not, or could not press the action.

Roger Huerta def Leonard Garcia Decision
My Pick: I call Roger by G&P KO second round
Garcia was hella tough in what was the most exciting fight of the night. I don't think he should have been throwing hammer fits at Roger from the bottom half guard though... Both guys showed that they can punch hard and can take a punch. Both guys showed that they have a ways to go before challanging for the title.

Josh Koscheck def Diego Sanchez Decision
My Pick: Diego by KO first round
Koscheck fought the perfect fight. Fake the takedown hit with one or two punches back out repeat. He did not waver from his game plan, and Diego had absolutely no answer for it. Diego looked scared of Josh's takedown, and Koscheck took full advantage of that.

Matt Serra def Georges St. Pierre TKO (Strikes) 3:25 rnd 1
My Pick: GSP KO first round.
Proving once and for all that anything is possible in a fight, Matt Serra wins in the first round. I gave him no chance. I give him no chance with the rest of the heavy hitters in the Welterweight class. I think that while this fight was not a fluke, it is not representitive of GSP's ability.

I go 6 of 9. I am getting beter!!

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