Monday, February 25, 2008

Clinton Getting Desperate

Hilliary is getting desperate, now distributing a picture of Obama in full Somali Elder garb. She is trying to get people to think that he is a Muslim and be afraid by proxy.
They do not mention that the picture was taken in Africa when Obama was about to meet with some other elders. Just as we expect our leaders to be in suits, these elders expected Obama to be dressed as he was. He was being sensitive to the culture. Exactly what all good diplomats should do.

While I am a proponent of simply getting rid of religion all together, it really makes no difference to me what religion the candidates practice, provided that their decisions are based in logic, and they are not simply a puppet of their religious leaders.

Obama clearly has his decisions based in logic, albeit flawed logic, and clearly is not a puppet of a religious leader. End of story. Anything else is simply fear mongering.

I am beginning to believe the Right Wing Pundits when they say that the Clintons will tear apart their party just for power.

The Picture. Doesn't the Socialist look cute?

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