Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holly Crap!!! Global Cooling is BACK!!!

It turns out that 2007 was so cold that it wipes out a century of "global warming." That's what happens when the sun decides to turn down the heat a little bit.

Everybody google sun spots and their relation to global climate. It explains all of those inconvenient truths that Al Gore and the rest tend to overlook in their zeal to destroy the American economy. Little Ice age, Medieval warming period, modern warming period, all correlate to a drop or increase in sun spot activity.

Right now we have a decrease in solar activity. What happens? It gets colder. 2007 was NOT the warmest year on record. 1998 was. Since 1998, we have experienced global COOLING!

Do NOT let these people cripple our economy with their talk of Climate Change! It is simply a thinly veiled attempt to weaken the US, and bring us a more Communist form of government.

Go green for the right reasons! Clean air, water, and sustainable cheap clean energy should be something we want simply because that is good for us. There is a way to encourage industry to clean up their act, and it is NOT through government action. Right now business are tripping over themselves to prove which one is the "greenest." This is not because they want to, it is because YOU are buying products in stores that help out. Using market pressure, is the only way to solve the environmental problem.

Government pressure only leads to companies going out of business, job loss, increase in prices, and bad things. Look at the health care industry. The more government intervention, the more money is spent by the health care companies dealing with the regulations, the more money YOU have to shell out when you see the doctor.


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