Monday, February 25, 2008

Mo Smith Wins!!!

I met Maurice Smith when I was in Seattle last month. He was a cool guy who immediately gave me a hard time.
I introduced myself to him, and let him know I was a huge fan. He asked me what I was a fan of, I and I, of course, replied that I had seen him in his first UFC fight and was so happy that he, as a striker, won, because I was in to TaeKwonDo and kickboxing at the time. He told me that I was not a real fan, because a real fan would know that he was a kickboxing and Muay Thai champion in the 80s.
He took pleasure in my squirming.

Anyway, Rick Roofus is a kickboxing legend. Mo Smith is a kickboxing/MMA legend. What do you do when you have two legends who want to fight? You throw them in the ring! BodogFight and Strikeforce put these two together hoping to see a bare knuckle kickboxing match. Mo, now a MMA fighter, did what MMA fighter do. They find their opponent's weakness and exploit it. Mo took Rick down and finished him with a straight armlock.

Mo is now 2-0 in recent fights. Go MO!!!

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