Wednesday, March 19, 2008

High Court To Uphold Individual's Right To Bear Arms

I hate John McCain. The thought of voting for him makes my skin crawl and bile rise in my throat. His name is on several pieces of legislation that restrict freedom of speech, the biggest being McCain Finegold.

BUT with the Supreme Court in session yesterday discussing the second amendment, in my opinion the most important of all the amendments, it made me think twice.

I think I could stand a Democrat as President. They would dig such a hole for the country that it just might bring about the election of another Regan (Duncan Hunter are you reading?) or, better yet, a Libertarian.

BUT the President appoints Justices to the Supreme Court. If a similar case comes before a court with even one more Justice like Ruth Bader-Ginsberg or Stephen Breyer and we now have a court that looks to Europe than our own Constitution. A court that reads more Marx than Madison. This we absolutely can not afford.

The opinion of the court yesterday seemed to be that the Second Amendment applied to the individual. The matter is settled for the mean time. The next time a case comes before the court who will be sitting there?

Vote McCain?????


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