Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Marine Rescues Flag

This guy ROCKS!!!

I have to admit that I am conflicted on this one.
On the one hand, THIS GUY ROCKS!! I only wish I had the stones to do what he did. What great big brass balls this guy has! USA! USA!

On the other hand, the guy did violently disrupt a legitimate protest. I can not support that. The idiots have the right to do what ever they want to with the flag.

On the other hand, I would have loved, loved, loved to wade in there and take that flag from those crazy people. And this guy did it!!!! He is my new hero!!! He is a 57 on a 10 point awesome scale. I would love to go in and smack the crap out of someone defiling a flag. That is so KICK ASS!!!

On the other hand, he violated their right to air grievances that is protected by the Constitution. The very document that he took an oath to protect from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

On the one hand I would like to take this guy out for a steak, and a hooker. On the other hand I want to see him in jail for violating those people's rights.
Maybe the judge could sentence him to 3 nights at the Bunny Ranch? I think I could support tax dollars for that!

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