Monday, March 10, 2008

Who Likes the Whores??? The Gov Likes the Whores!!!

The married man with three daughters, who promised to root out corruption and clean up Albany, Elliot Spitzer has gotten caught buying a cheesebur... I mean gotten caught in the victimless crime of liking to have sex with people for money. Nearly same as paying for food that someone else prepared, but not quite.

Spitzer has been implicated as being a client of Emperors Club VIP, a club recently busted in a prostitution sting.

If Spitzer did not have an arrangement with his wife about extra curricular activities, I feel for her. She and her daughters are the only ones injured by this "crime." And they can seek just compensation for their suffering. It is called divorce.

Prostitution has always been with us, it will always be with us. It only harms people when it is outlawed. In the underworld women are exploited, violence is the norm, and disease rages. When legal, it is a hugely lucrative operation where health and safety are the primary concerns.

Sorry Gov Spitzer. You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Perhaps you should have looked in to how legal prostitution would have flown in your state.


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