Monday, January 26, 2009


Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. -- Benjamin Franklin

I love beer.
I love beer.
I love beer.

It is unfortunate that such a rich subject as beer, is so little understood in many countries, my own included. The U.S. has only itself, and the hated 18th Amendment, to blame.

The horrible truth is that most people know very little about beer. So, they walk in to a brew house, and order a Bud Light bottle. It is not their fault. I forgive them, because they know not what they do. Those I can not forgive are the ones that believe that American Macro Brews are the end all and be all of beer. They are not. In actuality, American Macro Brews are a study in how little you can brew beer and still call it beer.

I have two links set up on the right side. One goes to Beer 101. A good site for learning about the varying styles of beer. This site is mainly concerned with education and the drinking of the many varieties of beer out there.

If Beer 101 is the beginner class, the other link, How to Brew Beer, is the advanced class. This site goes over how to brew your own beer, from your first kit, to your first full grain brew. In order to brew great beer you have to know all about it, and this site delivers.

If you are at all interested in Beer, take a look at these sites and then take a walk down to your local brew pub. As if the brew master is busy and see if you can take a tour of the facilities. Have a few tasters with the brew master. Talk to him/her about what they were trying to accomplish with the various brews, and ask what you should be looking for in the beer. Most of the time, the brew master is simply happy that someone is interested in his work. I have yet to meet a brew master, that did not work at a macro brewery, they want to kill themselves, that was not happy to discus his craft.


Daniel said...

How dare you not mention Empyrean Ales?
I don't even drink beer and OH MY Empyrean Ales is good beer!

Natto Ninja said...

This was a post on what you can do to educate yourself on the subject of beer.

Naturally, the beer student will be drawn to Empyrean Ales, just as a bee to a flower, or a moth to a flame.