Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Plane Crashed, I'm Alive, How Much You Gonna Give Me??

Well, the passengers of the US Airways flight that ended up in the Hudson are starting to line up to sue the company. Wonder why plane tickets are so expensive? Ask these morons.

US Airways has sent each passenger a refund of their ticket, and a check for $5000 to help with immediate costs of lost luggage. That is $1500 over what they are liable for each checked bag. Yet the whining begins:

Joe Hart, a salesman from Charlotte who suffered a bloody nose and bruises, says he "would like to be made whole for the incident."

You are already whole. Your body has already replaced the blood lost from the nose bleed and the bruises.

Bitchboy goes on to say:

He says he was tense, sweated and "felt every bit of turbulence" on a Los Angeles-to-Philadelphia flight last week, though it wasn't that turbulent a flight.

Hart says he has talked to a lawyer in North Carolina but hasn't decided whether to take any legal action.

"I want to see how things play out with US Airways," he says. "I'm hopeful US Airways understands the significance of the incident."

Translation: I am a bitch, so I want to screw other passengers and contribute to already expensive airline tickets by forcing the airline to ether settle with me or go through costly litigation with me, because I am a bitch.

You are alive. No negligence on the part of the airline, or crew caused the accident. Be happy, kiss your wife, kiss your kids, and go about your business. Help the rest of us out by not being a bitch. You can look yourself in the mirror every day and say: "I am not a bitch." You want that don't you Mr. Hart?


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aegix said...

The title of the post ought to be changed to "Plane Crashed Due To Some Completely Random, Unavoidable Freak Occurrence And The Pilot Should Be Awarded The Congressional Medal Of Kick @ssidry, So How Much You Gonna Pay Me?"

Had I been on that plane, you can bet your bippy that all of my kids' middle names would have been named "Scully" in honor of that man's masterful job of handling the issue.