Thursday, September 16, 2010

President Obama to Latinos: You Are All Illegals, So Don't Forget Who Helps You Break The Law

Well... Maybe he didn't say exactly that, BUT let me put this in to context.
The President did say on the subject of immigration reform at the Hispanic Caucus Institute: "Don't forget who is standing with you."

This is simply more of state sponsored racism, and generalizing a group of people in to one group. What is that called... When I pre-judge a group of people?? I know there is a word for it... I learned it in Grade School I think... Oh Yeah, PREJUDICE! And that's bad right?

Anyway, would the President go to the NAACP and say to them that Republicans were standing in the way of crack sales, and would not pass his comprehensive crack legalization bill? Would the President go in front of the Daughters of the Confederacy, and say that Republicans were standing in the way of passing his comprehensive incest legalization bill? Would the President go to the Vatican and say that Republicans were standing in the way of his comprehensive pedophilia legalization bill? I could go on... I really want to this is kind of fun..., but I need to get back to the point.

The President is the top law enforcement person in the nation. That is in his job description. Illegal immigration will ALWAYS be illegal. Even if we kick open the borders and let everybody in, you STILL need to go through the proper entry points. For instance while traveling in the EU, I could pass between EU countries with out a problem. I could just walk across the borders. BUT I needed to have a stamp in my passport from at least one EU country saying that I entered the EU legally. With out that stamp, off to jail I went, if I got challenged by law enforcement.
Coming across the border with out proper documentation is against the law. It will always be against the law, no matter what form "comprehensive" immigration reform will take.

The President was essentially saying to the Hispanic Caucus, "I know you are all illegals (he might have said "wetbacks," but that would be too much) and you know that I am the only one trying to help you break the law." So in his statement he is being a bigot, AND encouraging people to ignore the laws he swore to uphold.

Ok... So he went to this shindig so that he could talk on immigration. I get it. Democrats want to do a big amnesty so that the new citizens can vote for Democrats. I get it. And if something helps the Democrats, you can say things that would get others crucified. I get it.

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