Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Know! Let's Prevent Our Law Abiding Employees From Carrying Guns!!!

My wife works in a state run hospital. It is situated down town in a crappy part of town. It is the only trauma center in the city, so when two gangs have a shoot out, all the wounded come to this ER. It is also the only place for those without insurance to get free baby deliveries. So all of the gangs bring their baby mommas to the hospital. Mostly to see my wife... She is an OB/GYN doctor.
While the gang bangers', and other miscreants' baby mommas are busy pushing out their spawn, they are out in the parking lot car jacking and holding up the doctors, nurses, and technicians that just got done caring for their friends.
Two weeks ago the hospital was put on lock-down as the Police had a shoot out with an armed gang member in one of the hospital's cafeterias.
What does the hospital administration do? Specifically inform all staff that carrying concealed weapons, even for licenced CCW holders, is strictly prohibited and will be punished by immediate termination. This is a No Tolerance policy.

So, despite all of the crime in their area and in their parking lots, the administration has told their staff that they are not to take measures to protect themselves. This is supposed to create a "safe" work environment.

This is about as stupid as you can get. It is tantamount to South Korea throwing away all of its weapons so that the people feel safe. Meanwhile, the North rolls through the country like locusts on a corn field.

I was at the hospital last weekend to take my wife to a meeting. While she went up to the floor I stayed in the lobby. While there, two groups of people converged and began shouting and pushing one another. Things started to heat up, to the point where I had my hand on my .45 ready to pull. Thankful the Police arrived, they are on constant patrol inside the hospital, and forced the groups to disperse. They simply went in to the parking lot and began their fight.
I asked my wife about this when she got done with her meeting, and she replied with a shrug, that this kind of thing happens so often that it really isn't anything to talk about now.

Even in a hostile environment such as this hospital, and this one is far from the worst, employers will not allow their employees to carry firearms in to the workplace. In my opinion this is the height of idiocy. It is not the law abiding citizen with a CCW license you need to worry about. It is the disgruntled crazy former, or soon to be former, employee who cares nothing about breaking the law, let alone your stupid policy, that you need be concerned about. Disarming your employees only leaves defenceless targets cowering behind their desks for the crazy to pick off with impunity.
What is the proper response to an assailant who has opened fire? Ask the Police. Ask the military. They both respond with aggressive counter fire to bring the bad guy down. 100% of the time they will NOT say, that they would cower behind some flimsy cover and stay there until the bad guy comes to finish us off. Yet, this is the policy of businesses, even when the threat of violence is very very real.

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