Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Want One!!!!

Typically I am not a fan of laptop or tablet computers. They have lots and lots of problems that PCs just don't have. On top of that, they are much slower than a desktop purchased for the same money, at the same time. However... This thing is just cool:

It is the new Dell Inspiron Duo. It is a combination of the iPad style app driven, touch screen tablet and a standard laptop computer. This is the kind of thing that I have been looking for. A low cost (maybe) low power system (2GB RAM max, on a nicely powered N550 dual core Atom CPU).
This is not going to be your favorite gaming system, but it is about perfect as a carry around box, which is exactly what the tablet market is about. Something that you can do documents on, but is used primarily for email and Internet applications.
The fact that it carries Windows 7 is a great bonus, because, unlike the iPad, I can use remote desktop to connect to my beefy home server box to do anything that needs serious hardware.

The Inspiron Duo is expected to be out later this month for pre-orders.

More pics:

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