Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA Enhanced Screenings

The TSA is busy doing all sorts of groping and grabbing. They strictly refuse to profile people to find out the most likely to be the kind that would blow up airplanes. But that would mean firing most of the worker drone workers, union people now, and hiring some skilled workers, who actually care about the safety of the airplanes. Anyway, the new Republican class is starting to make waves about these screenings. What are they saying about them? Are they saying that the screenings are a violation of the Fourth Amendment? Are they saying that the screenings are ineffective against finding the explosives that will be used? Are they saying that the TSA is simply security theater? No. They are saying that you don't know the sexual orientation of the screener doing the groping. Seriously. They are worried that they might be touched on the pee pee by a gay man.

For the love of Pete, you can not catch the gay from hand to pee pee contact. And really... Get over yourself. What are the odds you get a gay man who is in to obese dudes with a rod up their ass? The screeners, gay and straight, hate the grabbing as much as you do, probably more. Just think what happened at that meeting where the higher ups told the TSA union morons what they had to do. "Happy Thanksgiving, and we now have to touch the passenger's junk." "Wait wat?"

The real solution here is to get rid of the TSA, and hand security back over to the airlines. They are the ones who are ultimately on the hook for the safety of their flights, and it is time that the government backs away. The TSA was a massively bad idea to start with, and we are not making it any better. Time to cut and run while we still can.

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