Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Idiots, This Country Haz Dem

People of California, really??? Jerry Brown again? You didn't get enough of Governor Moon Beam in the 70's? You had a clear choice California, a return to solvency and to prosperity, or a dive straight down the rabbit hole to bankruptcy and red tape... You all took the red tape. You deserve what you get, and I will work hard so that the rest of the country does not bail your stupid asses out.

People of Massachusetts, really??? Barney Frank?? There are a few people we can name that are directly responsible for the housing meltdown. Frank is one of them. You people could have sent a clear message that you weren't going to take the corruption any more. You chose to say that you don't care about the mismanagement of Fannie Mae, you don't care about the ethics and corruption of Frank. The horrible thing is that what Frank does DIRECTLY affects my life. I pay for your ineptitude. Thanks Mass, right back atcha.

Praise the Baby Zombie Wiccan Jebus that there were not enough idots to sweep Christine O'Donnell to victory... How she ever got nominated is beyond me. Have the sense to nominate someone who actually has read the Constitution, and knows what the Kelo decision was before you vote next time Delaware.

Idiots did not prevail in Kentucky or in Florida! Rand Paul and Marco Rubio walk in to the senate! Now, if we could just get the idiots to start looking at these guys for President rather than the idiot's choice of Sara Palin we will be on our way from destroying the idiocracy!

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